More and more corporate and businesses are deploying different assessment tools for various purposes.

They are deployed when

  • you want to hire someone at the entry level
  • you want to hire someone from the campus
  • you want to hire senior leaders
  • you want to check the skill gap with your employees
  • you have launched a new product
  • you want to identify the training needs
  • you want to understand the behavior of people at workplace etc

This is more important today as team members are either working from home or are virtual or working in a remote corner. And you want to empower those employees so that they are more 

  • productive
  • conversant
  • selling
  • connected
  • result oriented etc

Our methodologies

We use different methodologies suitable to your needs and some of them are

  1. GLA360 - Dr Marshall Goldsmith's Global Leadership Assessment 360 degree. This is a proven methodology to identify the 15 leadership competencies that are vetted by Fortune 500 CEOs and HR fraternity. The purpose of this assessment is to develop leaders and make the teams effective.
  2. EQ - This helps in understanding how the employees are navigating emotions at work and what training is required to be even more effective. This is used at all levels of employees.
  3. Sales - This helps identify the individual's selling skills in all channels. This will enable to provide effective training to the sales employees.
  4. Communication - Today we communicate not just face to face but in different ways such as through social media, telephone, email etc and employees need to be effective in all forms of communication. This helps identify the strength and weakness of the employee in terms of communication. The awareness powered with training can improve the communication effectiveness.
  5. Stress management - You get distracted at every stage knowingly and unknwingly. How do you navigate and focus on what you need to do? Are you able to understand your areas of stress and what can be done to navigate stress?
  6. Interview - We have different recruitment assessment tools suitable for your recruitment need. It can be for campus interviews, retail showroom sales person, IT, ITes, healthcare, etc.

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