Career Boot Camp

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The COVID-19 has presented a lot of confusion in the job market and the career is now Employer driven. 

Do you need HELP in getting prepared to win that Dream Job?


This is a 10 weeks program to transform students to get their career on a fast track.

Practical, rigorous and achievements orientation.

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You will learn to ….

1.       KNOW yourself better

2.       CHOOSE your dream career

3.       CONTRIBUTE to your cause

4.       Prepare yourself to win in the uncertain future

5.       Create your own Unique Resume

6.       Create your digital profile

7.       Prepare for the Interview and succeed

8.       Develop your digital presence

9.       Be Confident

10.   Be a good team player

Programme Structure is as below

Module 1: Preparation

The students get prepared by understanding themselves, their strengths and areas to improve.

Sub-Module 1:  Self-Assessment

Sub-Module 2:  Building Positive Mindset

Sub-Module 3: Resume Building

Sub-Module 4:  Interview expectations

Module 2: Planning

The students undergo vigorous planning sessions based on their identified goals.

Sub-Module 1: Goal setting


Sub-Module 2: Identifying the career opportunities

Sub-Module 3:  Practical workshop on developing skills

Sub-Module 4: Creating connections and visibility


Module 3: Execution

The students implement their learning in real life situations and start their career hunting journey.

Sub-Module 1: Creating power messages

Sub-Module 2: Connect and Collaborate

Sub-Module 3: Experiments

Sub-Module 4: Future steps

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