Employee Health Engagement

We have partnered with a Healthcare company to serve the health care needs of the corporate employees across INDIA. 

Why us?

  • Our services are provided by NABL and NABH accredited facilities
  • We offer onsite and offsite health care solutions
  • The solutions are customizable
  • You can access the reports digitally from anywhere from your dedicated login credentials

What services do we offer


Employees are working in office or home or are at both locations. They are also stressed due to the current pandemic as per research data. We are offering Telemedicine to solve the issue of physical distancing and at the same time you get appropriate medical solution from a medical practitioner.

For Details call - 9900303896

  1. Pre-Employment Health Check
  2. Annual Employee Health Check
  3. Health Talk by specialist Doctors
  4. Medical Room Management
  5. SOS Care etc

To know more

Write to us to nanda@connectandheal.com or call 9900303896

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